All photography provided by Julia Nardin. All graphics provided by Emma Broback.

In one week, we made our Kickstarter goal making it possible to bring this production to audiences in Tacoma and Port Townsend. Here is an update from the producers:

As we meet resounding success, LET'S KEEP THE BALL ROLLING. Our artists want to stretch our reach in ensuring more audience have access to the PROOF PORCH PROJECT. 

We have one week to go and many opportunities to remount Proof and take it to communities outside of Seattle & Port Townsend!

As educators, we are working with high schools to bring this performance free of charge in Jan/Feb 2018. A stretch goal of $4,450 ($1,950 in addition to our already met goal) will allow us to make this happen. Here is the breakdown of how this money will be spent:

Actor stipends: $200/actor x 4 actors = $800

Royalties: $100/performance x 3 performances - $300

Set: $200 stipend + $150 materials = $350.00

Design Royalties $50 stipend x 2 = $100

Stage Manager & Director Fees: $200 stipends x 2 - $400

Check out our Kickstarter here!